Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Whilrwind Continues

You are all probalby hearing me whine about what is going on in my life. Well, sorry. But I guess that is what blogs are for.

The past week or so has been quite tiring. As I said, I went to the ELCA Biennial meeting. I thought it was funny that I never went when I was a Lutheran. But now that I am an Episcopalian, there I am at the assembly. Realizing that I was not part of the "in group" was difficult. I really think I am a Lutheran at heart.

I preached this past Sunday, the last of four Sundays at the same congregation. The amount of affirmation I received was overwhelming. Now I am not one who is out looking for "signs from God" in every little thing that happens, but feeling of accomplishment and the outpouring of support really seemed to affirm my call to the church. But then I keep thinking, "I am being affirmed, but where is the call?" And I get frustrated.

HOWEVER...I do have an interview next Tues. for the chaplain position. And I guess I should not question a possible call. A congregation can come in all forms.

A year ago yesterday was my last day at my former congregation. Time flies

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Anonymous said...

The "pneuma" blows where it will.

And not all cleansing takes place in the great rivers of Damascus.

Best wishes for the interview. Expect good things. :)