Monday, March 12, 2007

Wrap-Up and General Thoughts

First off, Saturday was the 69th day of the year. I hope you all celebrated it appropriately!

I am back from New Orleans and it has been bittersweet. I am happy to be home but upon coming home there are all of the problems to come home to. While I was in New Orleans, it was possible to forget about all the various things and to just enjoy the time. Now I have to worry about the bills and worry about how I am going to make ends meet. I am so happy to have Nick with me, but I feel bad about really leaning on him.

I have been procrastinating getting my paperwork done. When I procrastinate, it generally ties back to something I am fearing; and I am fearing being back in the church. My experiences in the congregation have not been overly positive and I am not so sure the congregation is where I want to be. Nick thinks that maybe I am just a little gun shy and that I should give it a try. However, to look for a congregation that will be open to new and challenging ideas.

Seeing the damage in NOLA helped me to get some perspective, but still the problems are here. Granted, I am not homeless, but I still have the problems. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps as the experiences in NO settle in and you reflect on them some more, you will get a better perspective of to what and to where you are being called.

Anonymous said...

All we can do is struggle on and work to make things better! Embrace the challenge.