Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Well, what can I say... The roller coaster is going full tilt. My moods have been up and have been down. I just want to say that there should be a seperate circle of Hell for HSBC . They call repeatedly and will never leave a message. They keep harassing me even though I told them that I do not have the money and will pay when I can.

What I hate about all of these credit places is that they treat people like they are children. It is this whole, "You are a bad person, you owe us money and we know you have it and aren't paying us." You think if I had the money I would put up with the harassment?

I said in the past that I didn't want to become a poster-child for Gay Clergy. I am feeling much more like moving up to the front. I heard that it was not even mentioned in my ELCA clergy group that I had left. I was wondering why I didn't hear anything from anyone. Then I found out that nobody called because nobody knew.

I have started to apply for jobs in the secular market. Kind of sad when a clergy person can't find a call. We hear all this talk about how few clergy there are, well here is one just sitting around. There aren't even any temp jobs around here. Oh well, on April first I will be able to apply for unemployment.


Anonymous said...

My ex D- had to put up with those harassing calls. They think that the more they call they will drum up the money.

So you too had a taste of the "fellowship of the clergy" and the care of "the shepherds". I did not leave for the same reasons, but I quickly found out whose concern and friendship were genuine. Who the real shepherds were who would seek "the lost".

I wish you the best in your job search. You may find that God is calling you there and that you will find a "ministry" among the many others that the Church has forgotten and dismissed, but whom God has not.

Ur-spo said...

i think that there are a few precise statements you can say that gets callers like this off your back, but I don't recall what they are; maybe a google search.