Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Morning

Hello Friends in the Blogosphere!

Well, what has been happening this past week? I got to stuff envelopes for two days. Not the world's worst job (by a long shot!) but also not very fulfilling. Trying to find a job in Michigan is not an easy thing. We are at the bottom when it comes to employment and at the top in unemployment.

I just get the feeling that something has to happen. I want to wait on the church and hope something comes but I am getting tired of the indecision. I feel like I am wasting here. I feel bad because I am not able to help out with the finances here. Nick tells me not to worry, but I do.

I am starting to look at job jobs. I guess I can serve God in other realms. If the church doesn't want me, then I it is there loss. I just need to do something! And with Nick's news, the look for a job becomes even more important. I hope to be a bit proactive in this process.

My house officially went into foreclosure yesterday. Now is the six-month redemption period. I hope to sell but I figure my credit rating will be screwed for seven years. According to one death clock, I won't be around that long anyway.

I am back on my meds and seem to be doing ok. I still want to flee and leave all the problems behind me. I guess escapist fantasies are not unusual.

I just got an e-mail today (March 23) telling me that March 22 was International Goof Off Day. I guess they would have said something yesterday but they were goofing off.

I do worry about Nick. (He knows this so reading this will not shock him.) He is going through a lot of things and I am not really in a good spot to be supportive to him. Actually, our whole time together has been somewhat chaotic. In all the time he has known me, I have been going through the coming-out process. I try to be aware of his needs, but I know at times I fall short.

Thanks for letting me sound off. I have to go to the bank and finish the sermon for this Sunday. I will be presiding and preaching at a local church.

Oh, the picture of the panda? I took that at the Memphis zoo.


Anonymous said...

I loved the line about Goof Off Day! My wife knew about it and so I will have to pass it along to her.

As for the other notes, you know you both have my love and prayers.

KJ said...

I'll continue to keep you and Nick in my thoughts and prayers.

Know that where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow. We do not experience these things idly, and at some point, you will be called to give back what you could have only known through experience.

We don't get any free passes as incarnation continues through us.

I'm saying all this through faith, since I and my partner too have had more challenging years than "easy" ones since being together. Occasionally, I get a glimpse as to "why", but usually not. I guess it really does come down to faith, hope, love.

Peace of Christ.

Ur-spo said...

I am glad you and Nick have each other.