Friday, July 07, 2006

Today, then Tomorrow, then Home.

Passive aggressiveness is interesting.

We are having a problem with walking. Not that we can't do it, it is that some people in our group walk at a different pace than others. It would seem that the ones who walk fast, walk faster so as to keep the slower ones at a "reasonable" pace. The ones who walk slow, walk slower to slow down the fast ones. In the end, what we end up with is two groups of people, each thinking the other is terrible because of how inconsiderate they are.

I should back up a bit for some information about the last post. The person I am with started off by telling me when I first got to the church I am serving that she did not vote to call me. Really makes someone want to be cooperative. Well, now whenever I do something, I immediately assume that she is looking down on me thinking how right she was. I know that this is my problem, but it flows over into other situations. In retrospect, I would have done things differently, but in retrospect, wouldn't most of us?

Today is off to the Alamo and maybe to the Tower of the Americas. Hope things go better. Although, after some sleep, yesterday was not all that bad.

Why do people expect us old routine-oriented people to do this silly stuff?

Oh well, it is for the kids, right?

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