Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Well, I am at that spot in processes that is a little scary.  I had a phone interview with a church at the beginning of the month, and their application time was through Labor Day.  So now comes the waiting period.  Will I receive a phone call, an e-mail, or a letter.  The first two are good things, the last, usually not so good.  So I get to wait.

I have been supplying around, and that is a good thing, it keeps my skills in shape.  Although I do find that some of my critical thinking skills have seemed to slip somewhat.  I also find that the specter of depression is always in the wings.  I guess that is just going to be something that I will have to live with.

I am feeling better about all the stuff that happened at my last church. Maybe someday I will write a book about clergy abuse.  (Isn't that what we all do, write a book?)  People can be so mean.  And when they get mean, they get abusive.  I know that I was just the car in the way, but it often feels so intentional.  I really have to question what people mean when they say they are Christian.  Such hate and anger does not strike me as kind.


Harpers Keeper said...

Best of luck for a positive outcome from the waiting.

It must be challenging to be a member of the clergy. Sometimes I feel like organized religions are primarily a way of creating an "us" so we can safely demonize a "them". I have fond memories of church as a kid but it's been a long time since I felt that way.

BentonQuest said...

What an incredibly insightful comment! I have often felt that way but really either didn't have the words to say it or didn't have the courage to say it. I do believe religion can be so much more than a way to make ourselves feel better. But I think there are many out there who really don't want to lift others up. (I am getting kind of pessimistic here!)

Ur-spo said...

I hope this book is both something that heals you in the writing, and heals others too.