Thursday, July 28, 2011

News on Nick's Daughter

Some of you know what is going on; some of you probably don't.  (I am a logical genius, huh?)

Nick's daughter went into the ER with chest pains.  She had a heart attack and they put in a stent.  Then the stent collapsed and they had to go back in and replace that stent and placed four more.  They also put her on a ventilator and a cardiac pump.

I am home now, and Nick is still down south.

The doctors were trying to wean Nick's daughter off the ventilator and have been having some difficulty.  They will be trying again today.  Hopefully they can get her breathing on her own.  When the get the vent off, then they can get the cardiac pump off.

Once those are off, there is talk of surgery, but that will be a few weeks down the road.

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