Sunday, April 10, 2011

Maybe I am being childish

I really should be able to get over this, but it is right there and it hurts.

The stuff with the family continues.

I talk with my mom and I say things are going crazy here, and no question of how I am doing.  I told her we found a place to live, and no question of where.  No question about future calls.

I get accused of not involving my family in things, but yet when I speak with them, when I bring up anything that is going on here, I just get the brush off.  I try sharing good things and I am brushed off, I try to share troubles and I am brushed off.  We had visitors to the church today who were more interested in my future than my family seems.

My Dad is going to be 90 on May 8, my Mom is going to be 80 on May 22, and I called my sister to ask if there was anything happening.  She never did get back to me.  Nic and I are planning on just going and saying "screw you" to the rest.

I guess I feel let down.  I guess I always thought that family were supposed to be the people you could count on.  I just really feel abandoned.  I don't want to keep putting myself into situations where I will be hurt, but I don't want to cut myself off or become a drama queen.



suz said...

Nothing childish about it. If they weren't your family, would you allow yourself to accept the role they have assigned you? I say be civil, show up when absolutely necessary, but don't hang around, allowing them to blame all their problems on your "immaturity." You're a man and a whole person, not a scapegoat; they haven't seemed to notice.

Will J said...

There are 2 ways to look at this:

1) They are your family and they treat you badly because you are related to them and have no choice in the matter.

2) They are your family and they treat you nicely because you are related to them and have no choice in the matter.

I think you can see how much this helps.