Friday, April 08, 2011

Hatin' the Process

Well, I woke up to an e-mail from the Bishop's secretary concerning liquidating the assets of the church.  I am so over all of this!  What can we give away?  What can we give away if we have documented it?  What can't we give away?  The Former Secretary telling people what SHE would do.  The proclamations of the Former Secretary making it more difficult to do "the good thing."  And the Former Priest telling me that she gave the stuff to the church on the assumption the church wouldn't close and now that it is closing, she wants it back.

Again, I feel like I am dealing with a bunch of children in Adult suits.  And want makes me even more frustrated is the Former Priest has been through Interim Training and SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

I am so ready to have this over.  I am questioning taking the interim position because I don't know if I want to continually deal with this sort of thing.  But then again, I can think of this a OJT and take all of this to another place.

It is rainy and cold, and the weather is bad too.

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