Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stress Levels and Other Things

Well, as of right now, I have no idea what is happening. 

Are we closing?  Probably.
When?  Elephino!
What am I going to do afterward?  Elephino!
Will we have to move?  Elephino!
Will we have to break our lease?  Elephino!
How are we going to pay bills?  ELEPHINO!

I think this  is time the when the pastor has to truly step forward, but it is also at this time when the pastor wants to just jump in the car and drive south.  I am so incredibly stressed at the moment that I can barely function.  I don't know what is happening both in the church and in my life.  Depending upon what is happening in the church, our life could take some completely different turns.  I have been in this situation before, and I really don't like it.  The congregation is losing their church but for Nick and me, our life is in a tailspin.  The concept of making any kind of plans feels like an exercise in futility.

I will be getting into contact with the Bishop's office, so hopefully there will be some answers.  But I just want to sleep until this is over.


suz said...

You will be OK! I promise! You're not in control here and you never were. You can't stop the shit from hitting the fan, so step back and let it fly. DON'T anticipate what may happen, assess what has happened. Think carefully and react accordingly. You always have options, and people who love you.

Unknown said...

Holy crap!
What can I say? Pax vobiscum. (plural - you and Nick)

Cubby said...

I cannot imagine the stress. Try to take some deep breaths.