Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congregational Meeting

Well, the congregation met and voted unanimously to close the congregation.  There was some discussion of how we could find ways to keep the congregation going, but in the end, it was decided that anything we could think of would only be a band-aid.  To truly make changes, we would need  much more money than we could raise.  So, sadly, the vote was taken and we will be closing.

The soonest we would be closing is three weeks from now.  The congregation wants to go until Easter, but that would be very difficult.  It would also be dragging out the process for a long time.  If I learned anything from the closing of Nick's congregation, it is that dragging out the closing process is not generally a good idea.  But the congregation is saying that is what they want to do.  We did not follow this train of thought too long, instead reminding people that it is quite an emotional vote and we will discuss closing dates after we receive more information from the Bishop's office.

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