Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've Been Thinking

What I find somewhat upsetting is the unequalness in the whole employer/employee relationship.

When I interviewed for the Starbucks job, I was asked about what I expected to give to the company and what I expected from the company. I stated that I expected to give a notice of two weeks if and when I would leave the job. But I also said that I expected the same courtesy from the company.

Why is it that we have to give advanced warning but they can summarily dismiss us? Can I claim two weeks severance? They obviously did not consider me a threat as I had worked over 20 hours after the event happened. If I had been a threat, shouldn't I have been put on leave?

It just rails me that if we don't give two-weeks, we are looked badly upon. They can just can us and it is business as usual.

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Ur-spo said...

alas that how it is in most jobs.
take heart; my job is no different.