Thursday, September 15, 2011

Late Night Spleen Venting

Well, I have now had about 4 hours to process this stuff, and I am still upset.

I am upset by all the misinformation that is flowing around in the world..  How even though the people of this congregation liked me as a person, I had to be bad because I was gay.  Yes, I am gay so I must not like children.  Or I must like children too much.  All of the bile that so-called Christians put out there.  Sorry folks, I am not into children.  But if Glen Beck says it, then it must be so.

I keep trying to think of what I can do instead of this clergy thing.  It really is a very difficult vocation.  Everyone thinks they can do it better, but no one wants to.  All they want to do is tell you how you are doing it wrongly.

I really just want to be in a church where we can have a great time living in a really incredible world we have been given.  All the drama is just really over-rated.

But since I started doing the church thing, it has just seemed to be one crisis after another.  I feel like I am becoming too good at dealing with crisis.  I also have to wonder if I don't create the crises.

Probably  will be more processing later today.  If you all (the five who read this!) get sick of it, I understand.

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Beartoast said...

I am really sorry to hear all this. But, yes, it's true. Homophobia is there, and real.

Bummer. really big bummer.

Prayers ascend