Thursday, June 24, 2010

Observations on Seperation

Ok, Nick has only been gone for one day.  But, I miss him so much.  I realize how much I have become dependent upon him being there.

What I find interesting is that my lived experience is not much different having him close to two-thousand miles away or just 30 miles away at work.  It is kind of like the concept that I could drown in 6 feet of water as easily as I could drown in 1000 feet of water.  Once the water is over my head, I can't breath.  In a similar fashion, once Nick is away, it doesn't matter if he is two miles away or 2000, he is still away.

But the psychological stress is different.  Knowing that he is in Acapulco is hard.  I see him on Skype and remind myself that this could be an episode of Mission: Impossible and the room could just be made up to look like it is in the tropics.  Whether he is two miles or 2000 miles, knowing  that he is 2000 miles away is more stressful.

Oh well....


Ur-spo said...

I find it rather sweet that you miss him so.

Lemuel said...

Right on, Ur-spo!