Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Field Day

Nick and I both had a day off, so, of course, we needed to go on an adventure!

I have to admit that I find casinos interesting. I am not a big gambler, I am way too cheap. But I find the whole casino experience and design to be fascinating.

So, Nick and I were wondering what we were going to do. Sitting at home doing nothing would have been fiscally responsible, but who wants to be fiscally responsible. We were thinking of being more fiscally irresponsible, but I got a speeding ticket yesterday and that took a larger chunk of cash than I care to think about.

So, I decided we wanted to go to the casinos in Detroit. They have done a lot of work on remodeling the casinos, so I thought it would be fun to see them. And, as I said, I am really cheap when it comes to casinos. I only spent a dollar on slots.

Nick made the mistake of joking about going to Windsor, Ontario. (He should know better than do something like that around me!) Since I have never been to Windsor, (I have seen it from the US side) I readily agreed.

SO... Off we went! We became big international travelers! We crossed the Ambassador Bridge and got over to the other side. Now, we were not planning on going to Canada, so we did not have any "Proof Of Citizenship." And then when we said we came over to Canada just to explore, the guy looked at us like we were nuts. (He obviously does NOT know me! I love to explore!!) They then decided that we were international terrorists or something and had us pull off to the side.

The border patrol then looked through the car. Nick joked they should have taken a vacuum with them and they could have vacuumed while they looked. They even took the spare out of the trunk. Yes, two somewhat dumpy gay clergy are really trying to take over the country. (Besides there was not patrol men that I wanted to perform a cavity check.)

And really, if we were going to do something illegal, would we risk blowing the whole thing at the border by not having our paperwork in order?

The Caesars Windsor was pretty cool! Big, over the top, statues. (Some even anatomically correct.) The nicest of the three we went to.

We had lunch/dinner and then headed back.

At the US border, after driving under the Detroit river (That was kind of freaky), we had to answer a bunch of questions to again prove we were not going to blow up things. Not that we just didn't drive through a tube that was under a river. (If we were going to do terrorism, wouldn't it be better to blow up the tunnel?) After telling the border patrol where we had lunch and all the games we didn't play at Caesars, he let us through with a warning to bring a birth certificate or passport next time.

So, being back in the states, we returned home. Not a bad day.


Lemuel said...

We obtained passports about a year or so ago with plans to visit Canada again (never came to pass).

I've seen your pictures. You and Nick are definitely the spitting images of international, anarchistic Islamic terrorists if I ever saw them!

As for cavity searches, yes! If they are going to do them, they should at least hire hunky gay porn stars to do them. ;)

Vic Mansfield said...

Hey, I'd even take chunky gay bears to check me!

I, too, love to explore! For me, crossing the border just means South Carolina, but that is (in many ways) a different world!

Ur-spo said...

i suspect the first level of hell is much like a casino -
smoke and noise everywhere and while it looks good you can't win.
Mind; they are fun to go and people watch, who seem to be in a hell already.