Sunday, September 09, 2007

Let me tell you about my dad...

Yesterday Nick and I had a yard sale. We sold the entire yard! No grass left!! JUST KIDDING! Actually, we did a pretty good job. We sold a bunch of furniture and and some other odds and ends.

But the funniest thing of the day (well, Nick doesn't think so) was this annoying guy who kept referring to Nick as my dad. "So, you and your dad are moving, huh?" "Can you give me your grandmother's number?" (meaning Nick's mom) This guy was just an "in your face" kind of guy and I don't think he had any idea how annoying he really was.

But we did get a fair amount of stuff sold and we continue to move.

I preached this morning and the first service was probably one of the worst I have ever done. I was part way through the sermon and the thought that went through my mind was, "What the Hell am I talking about?" It is pretty sad when the preacher is boggled by the sermon. The second service went much better! I even understood what I was talking about.


Anonymous said...

The important question about the annoying guy is whether he bought anything. If he did then he was not so annoying. :)

During those 19 years in my deep dark stone age past, I had more than one morning when I asked myself the same question. You are not alone. Believe me!

Unknown said...
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Ur-spo said...

perhaps you should start calling him daddy?
most preachers have bad days at preaching so that isn't anything new; goodness knows how you are able to do ok most of the time !!

Steve said...

A friend of mine with an absolutely beautiful voice had a series of off notes while singing "Were You There?" acappella for a Good Friday service. He was despondent about mucking it up - until person after person came up to him and said it was the most heartfelt rendering they'd heard.

We're not responsible for what they hear, I guess.

We're responsible for doing our best - even when we're struggling. I've come to believe that what the big G does with our words is none of our damn business, most days. You suited up, you showed up, and you gave 'em what you got. Beyond that, it's in the hands of the only One who can open a heart anyway, brother.

If that weren't true, I never would have ever made it to seminary.