Monday, September 17, 2007

Can things please slow down?

Just when I was getting some footing in this whole move thing, I get taken out at the knees. I find in the mailbox at the house (yes, it is not "home" anymore) a note telling me I have to sign for a letter from the IRS. Sorry, but NOTHING good from the IRS requires signing. You have to sign for stuff they want to make sure you get. If you don't cash a check, what do they care?

I am not a dumb person, but when it comes to finances, I am at a total loss. I know nothing about it. Unfortunately, this gets me into trouble. If I were intentionally trying to rip off the government, that would be different, but I just am clueless. If they want to take anything from me, they are pretty much tapping a dry well at the moment.

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Ur-spo said...

everyone freaks out when they receive one of these letters. try to remain calm and read what they want. probably some explanation to justify some sort of tax matter; they do this randomly; and you merely have to go over your calculations.