Friday, April 13, 2007

Puttin' out Pop Machines

I have never thought about pop machines before. They were just something that was there. Sometimes they were intrusive, but mostly they were conviences that were there when I needed them and annoying when they weren't there when I wanted one.

Well, I have been spending the last three days in "pop machine land." I have been preping pop machines and pop coolers and have been delivering, removing, and moving pop machines.

First off: Pop machines are heavy! (Ah Duh, you say!) But do we really consider how heavy they are? They are refridgerators with advertisments and added mechanics. And moving these things up and down stairs is a real trip. They actually have this thing that will climb steps automatically. Kind of cool!

Then there are the coolers: Refridgerators with glass doors. And you CAN'T BREAK THE DOOR! So you have to move it with care even when you have a whole 2 inches to negotiate. But the customer is a big account so we must keep the customer happy! (Actually, I am not complaining. I actually enjoyed the job.)

And I learned the graphics didn't just appear on the machines. Think GIANT sticker. (29 inches x 6 feet) Now, put this thing on straight and without air bubbles. There are all kinds of tricks but if I told you, I would have to kill you.

Then comes the travel to put the things out. Yesterday, we left at 6:30 am and got back at 9:00 pm. When two hours are spent just getting there, they want you to do as much as possible.

Actually, not a bad job. I am enjoying it. It is a part of the world I have never thought of.


Anonymous said...

Are there any perks? free soda? :)

Steve said...

Once, when I was in "temporary employee hell," I actually spent a day washing the labels off six hundred mislabeled bottles of ketchup. The ketchup was fine, but the labels were on crooked. I never knew what "terminally chapped hands" were until the end of that day.

Thank you, George Bush, for the wonderful economy and job market...

Hang in there, br'er Ben...

TigerYogi said...

What's a "pop machine"?