Thursday, July 11, 2013

Midwestern Low Pressure Front?

So, what has been happening?
Got another rejection letter.  Really trying to not take them seriously.  But they hurt.
No more happy drugs.  No doctor = No rx.
Kidney stone passed!  Yeah!  Over $2600 for an ER visit for pain meds.  (See previous comment.)  Not sure how to pay it.
Went home for a party.  I have a bunch of Teaparty crazies in my family.  It is easy to tell people that they just need to "buck up" when you and your kids are driving Porsche Carerras and you made your money by hiring people at minimum wage.
Trying to figure how to psychically heal but not doing so well.
Really looking for a way to disappear.

Humm...  I still have Nik. (or Nic, or Nick, or Nich, or whatever the hell I have dubbed him here.)
It has not been too hot.
My mom is doing better.
At least without the happy drugs I am able to have respectable orgasms.  I guess if we take the fake endorphins out of the system, the body has to work harder to make its own.