Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Whole Rush Limbaugh Thing

I have been thinking about this whole thing with Rush Limbaugh.  Mr. Limbaugh is notorious for saying all kinds of outlandish things, why should this one suddenly make the headlines?  He obviously hit a nerve on this one.  He has moved beyond just being rude to being totally offensive.  I think the word he used to describe Ms Fluke is right up there with calling someone of African-American the "N" word or calling a gay person the "F" word.  He has moved beyond some kind of social line.

And his lame apology.  Of course, when you preface the apology with a joke about calling yourself to cancel your advertising, how are we supposed to take this seriously."  I am not sure Rush knows what it means to be apologetic.

I hope this is a sign that the American society is starting to see that the right considers them a bunch of non-thinking followers who will nod slack-slack jawed to anything the Tea Party has to say.  There finally comes a point where things just get too absurd; and I think Rush crossed it.

Do I hope Rush gets fired?  I don't know...  I don't choose to listen to him, usually.  I do listen to him when I am on a long drive so I have something to keep me angry, I mean "awake," after lunch.  But other than that, I don't choose to listen to him.  I am upset that people take his words as gospel truth, but that seems to be ending.  I think he gets way too much money for what he does, and that he has way too much power.  I think people need to question what is coming out of his mouth.  But I don't think he should be fired.

I see someone who has built a huge wall of grandiosity around himself to protect anyone from seeing the scared boy hiding below.

I have said it on FB, and I will say it now:  Maybe Rush should take his earnings and invest in some therapy.

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