Saturday, December 06, 2008

Repeat After Me, "Thank You!"

Ok folks, as if we need something new to use to get angry with each other, once again we are using Christmas to do that. In the season of "Peace on Earth," we are once again attacking each other.

My previous post on "It's Ok To Say Merry Christmas To Me" has become one of the top page loads from my blog. (The Nine Months 'til Christmas Santa has been giving it a good run, though! And the one on H.M. has zipped to the top spot just recently.) I keep trying to find a way of seeing this whole "It's Ok To Say Merry Christmas To Me" as something other than a way of attacking while feeling self-righteous.

We live in a world where people don't seem to be able to be nice to each other. If someone wishes you "Happy Holidays" then just accept it as a kind wish and pass it along. If someone wishes you "Happy Holidays, " just say, "Thank you! And to you too!!" Don't go into a whole diatribe as to this being a Christian country ('cause its not). Just accept the kind wish and pass it along! Is that really so hard?

One basic tenet of behaviorism is to take the closest you can get to what you want. If we want people to just be nice to each other, then when someone is nice, we need to thank them and return the kindness. Enough with the attacks! When someone says "Happy Holidays" just say "Thank you!" Or, better yet, wish them "Happy Holidays" in return! If they wish you "Happy Hanahka," well, whish them "Happy Hanahka" in return! If they wish you "Happy Festivus," well then by all means wish that person the very best Festivus ever! (And then hand them a pole!)

Let's quit turning this time when we say we want peace and love into a season of one upping and trying to prove we are better than the others. If we want to see peace on earth, then let's be the instruments of peace we want to see. Ok?

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Happy Hanahka!
  • Happy Festivus!
  • Happy Kwanza!
  • Joyous Solstice!
  • Have a Nice Day!


Lemuel said...

Thank you! And also to you!

"Et cum spiritu tuo!"

Ur-spo said...

Last year a person said "Merry Christmas" with an angry voice tone = I DARE you so reply with anything but Merry Christmas!"
This year I don't hear much hit others with Christmas or else attacks, perhaps due to the economics this year.

I reply now "and a properous new year for all" which seems both nice and neutral.