Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More News from Starbucksland

I don't know what it is about me and starting a new job at Starbucks. Last time it was the guy with OCD, this time it is the immature 16 year-old.

Today, she again got indignant that I would deign to suggest that she might do something different. Then she immediately pointed out how I did the exact thing a few days ago that I was correcting her for. Arrggg...

I spent the last two hours of work just doing my job and not talking to her. I felt like a 10 year-old but I was afraid that anything I said would cause her to get angry. I said that I was frustrated with the situation and that I didn't want to not talk to her but I get fed up having everything I say cause her to get pisssy. She said that if she was in a bad mood, then comments would make her angry. I told her that I didn't have time to try to figure out if she was in a good mood or not.

Tomorrow I am going to talk to my manager. This cannot go on. If I am to ignore when she does the job wrong, then so be it. If I am to help her learn, then she needs to know that I have the authority to do so. Otherwise, I need to be scheduled at other times than her or I will just ignore her.

I hate situations like this.


Ur-spo said...

poor thing
you get a lot of trials that test your patience and your Christian virtues.

Lemuel said...

Yes, Ben, you must clarify this with the manager the sooner the better. This pissy 16-y/o must not be allowed to rule. It is clear that she learned early how to get her way. It is long passed the time that she needs to be set straight.